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Days to go

377 days
6th July 2019

Relay Team Rules 2019

Taking on the Quad as part of a relay team is a great way to participate without needing to complete all 4 disciplines. Get a group together who all have different strengths and you can enjoy a slightly more relaxing day! For 2019 we have the following rules for relay teams.

To discuss entering as part of a relay team or if you have any further questions please email

Make the difference: Nepal Spotlight

With five months to go until the Quad, we know you will be thinking of the stage that participants often say is the toughest: the mountains! Seven munros are no easy feat to conquer, but hopefully we can provide a little inspiration for your challenge ahead.

Every weary step up those mountains, every freezing stroke of the swim across the loch will help someone take the first step up out of poverty, or help them when a crisis or emergency strikes. From the ongoing global refugee crisis, to rebuilding work in earthquake-stricken Nepal, and in more than 40 countries around the world – your fundraising will help people to get through even the most challenging circumstances.

In April 2015, a massive 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck Nepal just northwest of the capital of Kathmandu. It was the worst quake to strike the region in more than 80 years, killing thousands of people and injuring thousands more.

Millions of people were affected by the earthquake and the damage was devastating, toppling historic temples in Kathmandu and destroying entire rural villages. The suffering was compounded by a second major quake of 7.3 that struck less than a month later.

Hundreds of thousands of terrified people lost their homes and loved ones. And the disaster disproportionally affected poorer residents, who lived in mud and stone houses that crumbled and are in hard-to-reach areas of the mountainous terrain.

Nepal remains one of the poorest countries in the world, and frequent natural disasters like earthquakes and floods are especially devastating to families with few resources to protect themselves and recover. Half of Nepal’s population are youth, and 90 percent of them are unemployed. Young women must often work at home or marry early, preventing them from finishing school, and keeping families locked in a cycle of poverty.

Today, thanks to our supporters, communities are slowly beginning to recover.

Following the earthquake, Mercy Corps reached more than 135,000 people with emergency supplies, cash, food support, safe water and temporary shelter, despite Nepal’s incredibly difficult mountainous terrain.

The earthquake devastated local economies and brought down electricity lines, leaving families with little money and no electricity. But cash assistance — distributed to 23,000 families — is helping people get the supplies they need to rebuild. And solar lamps, included in many of our emergency kits and equipped with mobile charging ports, are helping families communicate with each other.

In the coming months and years, we will continue to help vulnerable families to access financial services like recovery loans, and we will engage communities in emergency planning to better prepare them for future disasters

Meet Jyanu (pictured) 32, who owns a small restaurant in her village. She and her husband work there to support their three children. Jyanu and her family used to live in the same building as the restaurant and grow vegetables outside, but April’s earthquake damaged the living quarters, so they had to build a temporary shelter nearby.

“Before the earthquake, everything was in order,” Jyanu says. “The restaurant was good, the farm was good. After, everything was messed up. I was afraid of losing our [temporary] shelter because of the winds and the aftershocks. But now the aftershocks have stopped.”

Mercy Corps distributed emergency kits in the village — Jyanu and her family received cooking supplies, sleeping mats, blankets, a solar light, and cash to help them rebuild.

The solar light that Jyanu received is helping her whole family, including her three children, who study by its light each night. “The solar light is best,” she says. “Even before the earthquake, we had problems with electricity. The light is dim at night. We use the solar light all evening until bed.”

So no matter how tough those mountains are in July, you will know that your fundraising and hard work is helping enable people to get back on their feet and survive the challenges of their own.


Mary’s Meals - Meet their 2016 Quad Team

At Mary’s Meals, we are always up for a new challenge, whether it is feeding more children in the world’s poorest communities or taking on the UK’s toughest one day sporting event, The Artemis Great Kindrochit Quadrathlon! Meet Mairead and Louise who have named their team, May the Quads Be Ever in Our Favour.

For a number of years, Louise has excelled at creating interest in the Quad as Digital Media Officer for Mary’s Meals and after seeing how much fun it looked decided to take this plunge herself.

A few years ago, Mairead visited a Mary’s Meals project and felt compelled to volunteer. Ten years later she’s now Mary’s Meals UK Press and Communications Officer. Mairead said, ‘It is amazing to be part of such a fantastic charity. I love the great outdoors and hillwalking, so pairing both Mary’s Meals and an outdoor challenge is ideal!’

Louie, the wee Scotty dog in the photo, is also an honorary team member and putting the girls through their paces. Mairead told us, ‘It’s great to have Louie on board, cheering us on. I’ve seen first-hand the difference our fundraising is making to children in Malawi which makes this all worthwhile.’

London and Edinburgh Presentations

Presentations for the 2016 Quad

So… have we got you thinking about the possibility of taking part in the Quadrathlon? Are you a past participant thinking of giving it another go or venturing into the event for the first time? Why not come along to one of our Quad 2016 presentations and find out more.

We appreciate that life is busy so the presentations are designed to fit in after work and they won’t take too long. David Fox-Pitt, our Event Director, will give a short presentation on the event and there will be a quick Q&A session at the end. David will chat about The Quad’s unique vibe, the route, the kit, training and preparation. Nobody knows this event like David so please do take the opportunity to come along and get the inside scoop. He is also extremely persuasive so if you have a friend who’s on the fence about it - bring them!


Time: 17.30 Date: Monday 22nd February

Location: Artemis Investment Management, Cassini House, 57 St James’s Street, London, SW1A 1LD

Time: 17.30 Date: Wednesday 24th February
Location: Artemis Investment Management, 42 Melville Street, Edinburgh, EH3 7HA

RSVP - places are limited
Light refreshments will be provided. Please reply to, stating which presentation you would like to attend ASAP so we can confirm numbers for catering purposes.

More information about the legendary Artemis Great Kindrochit Quadrathlon is available on the website. Or just pick up the phone and have a chat, we love a good excuse to talk about the Quad!

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