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7th July 2018

Mary’s Meals

Mary’s Meals is very thankful to be a beneficiary of the 2017 Artemis Great Kindrochit Quadrathlon.

Mary’s Meals delivers school feeding programmes in some of the world’s poorest communities where hunger and poverty often prevent children from gaining an education. By providing a daily meal in school, Mary’s Meals attracts hungry children to the classroom, where they can gain an education that can be their route out of poverty.

With 1,230,171 children currently receive a nutritious meal through Mary’s Meals every school day but, with a further estimated 61 million children still out of school across the globe, there are many more children still waiting.

The 2016 Artemis Great Kindrochit Quadrathlon raised a fantastic £33,500 for Mary’s Meals, which has been put towards sponsoring the annual feeding costs at five schools in Malawi. This funding is having a tremendous impact and has enabled Mary’s Meals to feed over 7,000 children daily in their place of education. As the funds are still being raised for the 2015 event the final fundraising amount will be updated later this year.

Quad Supported Schools

The schools supported by the Quad in Malawi are in Mulanje district, south-east of Blantyre. They are grouped closely together around the base of Mount Mulanje and many of the families living in the local communities earn their living off the mountain. Further Quad funding has allowed Mary’s Meals to reach Dzundu school in Mwanza, situated to the north-west of Blantyre and Mpapa school in the south of Blantyre city.

The Mary's Meals Approach

Mary’s Meals school feeding programmes always target the poorest and most vulnerable children. Staff in Malawi and Liberia conduct ongoing research and regularly meet with local government and education authorities to assess where need is greatest. Assessments take into account factors including high levels of food insecurity, poverty, child malnutrition as well as low enrolment and attendance rates in primary schools.

The cost to feed a child for a school year is £13.90, which equates to just 7p per meal. Mary’s Meals is able to achieve this low cost by buying large quantities of local produce—distributed from a central point—and using local volunteers to prepare the food. Mary’s Meals is committed to spending 93p of every pound donated to its charitable causes and so every penny really does make a difference.

The schools, communities and volunteers are key partners in the feeding programme. The school and community takes care of storing and managing the supplies, daily record keeping, organising volunteers and preparing and serving the daily meal. Mary’s Meals looks after project management, financial oversight, purchase and delivery of food and equipment, and provides training for volunteers as well as conducting fortnightly support visits to each school.

A Word of Thanks

Magnus MacFarlane-Barrow, founder and CEO of Mary’s Meals, said: “I often feel humbled at the different ways people find to help Mary’s Meals reach out to the world’s poorest children and this is certainly no exception."

“There is immense physical effort involved in the Artemis Great Kindrochit Quadrathlon and we’re incredibly grateful to everyone who is putting themselves through the intense training required to raise awareness and vital funds for Mary’s Meals."

“Every step, paddle, and swim stroke is a little act of love that will help to give hope to vulnerable, hungry children and our thanks is truly heartfelt."

“Over 61 million children are still out of school, missing out on their chance of an education and a successful future, but it’s wonderful to see so many people being moved to make a difference, in whatever way they can.”

The funds you raise for the 2017 Quadrathlon will continue to feed children at the four Quad-sponsored schools in Malawi and allow Mary’s Meals to reach more hungry children with a life-changing daily meal in school. We thank you in advance for all your efforts and support. Enjoy the Quadrathlon and happy fundraising!

Contact Mary's Meals

For further information about the work of Mary’s Meals or if you would like promotional materials to assist you in your fundraising please contact Lucy Kirkland at Mary’s Meals:

Address: Unit 10-13, Claremont Centre, 39 Durham Street, Glasgow. Scotland. G41 1BS

Phone: 0141 336 7094 


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