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Days to go

257 days
7th July 2018


Can I fundraise for a different charity?

No, the event charities are nominated by the sponsor and commit considerable time and resources to the event. Any funds raised over the participant minimums are also allocated to the event charities.

Can we register on Saturday morning?

No you must check-in on Friday between 15:00 and 22:30.

​Can I change my start time?

No! We take into consideration the start time you asked for, but we have to ensure there are more or less equals numbers in the 6am and 7am start times.

Will we receive a map of the route?

No. Participants should buy a team copy of OS Land Ranger Sheet 51. Maps can be bought from outdoor shops or online.

​Where can we stay the night before the event?

We provide space and facilities for camping but NOT tents. There are some Bed & Breakfasts available in the area and hotels in Kenmore and Killin. See the 'Travel and Accommodation' section under 'Race Info' heading for more details.

What do we need for camping?

We recommend you bring your own tent, a sleeping bag, roll mat, warm clothing, a midge net and ear plugs!

What services will be provided?

We will provide luxury loos and entertainment from Friday pm through to Sunday lunch. Showers will be available from Saturday pm.

​Will there be showers?

We provide portable shower facilities on site for participants.

Do we have to have support teams?

No. This event is unsupported. We do, however, recommend you bring family/friends along to take part in the atmosphere and evening entertainment!

What happens if we drop out on route?

If a participant becomes injured or for any reason wishes to drop out of the event, we will ensure they are picked up and transported back to the Event Hub as soon as possible. We do recommend that you train well for the event in order to avoid this!

What food will be provided by the organisers at the main checkpoints and at the Event Hub?

Friday night — Food available to purchase from 17:00

Saturday breakfast: Light continental breakfast provided

Swim finish: Tea, coffee, hot chocolate, cake and High5 energy drink

Reservoir Waterstop after Munro 6: Chilli and nachos, sandwiches, fruit, cake, tea, coffee, hot chocolate, High 5 energy drink, massage

Kayak transition: Macaroni cheese, tea, coffee, hot chocolate, soup, cake, crisps, High5 energy drink

Killin: Fish and Chips, tea, coffee, hot chocolate, soup, cake and High5 energy drink

Kenmore: Tea, coffee, hot chocolate, soup, cake, High5 energy drink

Finish: Soup and drinks from 16.00. Feast and pudding from 17.00

​Will there be a kit check?

Yes, at registration check-in on Friday. A compulsory kit check will be conducted with each participant. On passing the kit check, participants will hand over their packed Mountain kit bag to the marshals for distribution to the mountain start point.

Are the compulsory kit list items per team or individual?

Some items are compulsory for individuals and others per team. Please see the 'The Kit' section under 'Race Info' heading for further information. Participants will also receive confirmation of the kit list in event communications. Please ensure you have consulted the list and checked for any amendments well before you arrive to allow time for any purchases required. There will be a shop on site for any last minute purchases but stock will be limited so please DO NOT rely on this. FAILURE TO PASS THE KIT CHECK WILL RESULT IN WITHDRAWAL FROM THE EVENT.

Is the safety brief compulsory?

Yes. The safety briefs will be held at the Event Hub at 20:00 and 21:00 on Friday 8th July. During this time event registration will temporarily close. YOU MUST ATTEND ONE OF THESE BRIEFINGS.

Are there cut-off times?

Yes, please see 'Event Timings' section under the 'Race Info' for more details. For health and safety reasons all cut offs will be strictly enforced by the race organisers.

Can I use GPS?

Yes you can, but this is NOT a substitute for your compulsory compass. Please see The Route for grid reference details.

​Do I need to navigate? And how good does my navigation need to be?

Part of the challenge of the Quadrathlon is the navigation, whilst we provide some markers and will ensure no one is lost, it is essential that participants are able to navigate using a compass and map. Please see the 'Navigation Test' section under the 'Race Info' heading for more information.

Will I be tested on my navigation skills?

Yes, at the registration check-in on Friday we will conduct a navigation test which every participant must pass in order to participate in the event. Please see the 'Navigation Test' section under the 'Race Info' heading for more information.

How much does it cost for my family/friends to attend the event?
Ticket Type Age  Cost per person
Weekend Adult (13 years +) £50
Weekend Child (6-12 years) £25
Weekend Child (under 6 years) FREE
Saturday only Adult (13 years +) £25
Saturday only Child (6-12 years) £12.50
Saturday only Child (under 6 years) FREE
Weekend tickets include: camping facilities, feast on Saturday evening, ceilidh and breakfast and activities on Sunday. No food is provided during the day on Saturday.
Saturday only tickets include: camping facilities, feast on Saturday evening and ceilidh. No food is provided during the day on Saturday.
What shoes do I need for the mountain phase?

Fell or trail shoes are best. Walking boots are fine but will slow you down.

Can I use the same waterproofs for the hill and kayak phase?

Yes. The waterproofs you carry with you during the hill phase can be used on the kayak phase.

Can I bring my own kayak?

No. All participants paddle Malibu Twos for reasons of safety and fairness. These are provided buy the event organisers.

What wetsuit is needed for the swim phase, can I hire a wetsuit?

A full-length wetsuit is compulsory. The loch is cold! We do not provide wetsuits; you need to bring your own.

Wetsuit hire options can be found at:

How much water do I need to carry for the mountain phase?

We recommend three litres in a bladder container that you can carry in a rucksack. There is no water available from the start of the mountain phase until you reach the reservoir checkpoint after Munro 6.

Do I need to bring a swim cap?

No. We provide a swim cap at registration check-in, it is compulsory for each participant to wear the swim cap provided.

Do we have to stay together as a team?

Yes, you have to stay together as a team except during the swim phase. Failure to do so may result in disqualification.

Can I hire a bike for the event?

Yes. You can hire a road bike for £55 (TBC) from John Miller at Wheels Cycles on 01877 331100 or Road bikes are recommended. Please see The Kit section for more details.

Can I enter the Quad as a relay team?

Yes. Registration fees and sponsorship pledges are different for relay team members, please see the 'Register' section for more details.


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