About the Artemis Great Kindrochit Quadrathlon

The Artemis Great Kindrochit Quadrathlon (The Quad) is an exhilarating test of stamina, strength and fitness through some of the most spectacular and historic areas of the Scottish Highlands. It will be a weekend you never forget and you’ll need to be on form – this is a tough event!

Who can take part?

The Quad is an event for those who relish the challenge of a one day endurance test. The event is designed to be accessible to people of all abilities, from more experienced athletes who want to push themselves to the limit or those who wish to set themselves a new challenge and improve their fitness. But make no mistake this will be a serious challenge and will test your fitness, robustness and resilience to the limit. Participants should have some experience in all four disciplines, with some solid and consistent training, individuals with even a basic level of fitness can complete the event.

The event can be completed either in teams of two or a relay team. Teams of two must complete the full course, together, from start to finish. Relay teams must have a minimum of two members completing each discipline.

  • Navigational skills are key to participating in the event. Weather conditions in the Scottish mountains should never be underestimated, your ability to navigate in poor visibility is crucial to your safety on the event.  There will be a compulsory navigation test at registration check-in, which you must pass to take part in The Quad. See the Navigation Test section for details.
  • Participants must comply with the compulsory kit list. Kit will be checked at registration check-in and there are spot checks throughout the course. See The Kit section for details.
  • A good, progressive training programme is crucial and will enable you to actually enjoy the challenge! It should include walking/running, swimming, cycling and some sort of upper body workout for paddling; kayaking would be the best thing but training on the rowing machine in the gym would be a good substitute. Don’t forget that you have 2,500m of ascent and mountainous terrain so make sure you get out in as many hills as you can. For more information on training please see Training & Preparation.

The location

The event will be held on Saturday 12 July 2014. The Event Hub is located at Milton of Ardtalnaig which lies on the south side of Loch Tay, 6.5 miles from Kenmore or 10 miles from Killin. The post code is PH15 2HX and the grid reference is NN 6986 3928.

The Event Hub is where it’s at – registration check-in, the start, kayak/bike transition, finish, camping, feast, accommodation, ceilidh, fireworks and Sunday activities all take place here. You will need to be at the Event Hub on Friday 11 July by 20.00 for the compulsory safety brief. Registration check-in is open from 15.00 – 22.30, you can check-in before or after the safety brief.

What support do we provide?

We will look after you from the moment you contemplate taking on The Quad to the moment you drag yourself away from all the fun wondering why you feel the need to do it all again the following year!

But don’t rely on our telling you, here’s what Gail Watson said:

“... The whole weekend was so much fun. We were so well looked after by all the event staff and volunteers, fed and watered, encouraged, motivated, massaged and entertained, and it all seemed to run like clockwork. We were amazed by the sight of marshals huddled in their tents up those mountains, every single one of them with a smile and some words of encouragement. We’re still buzzing on the quad high ...”

And there’s more unprompted feedback at Useful Info/Past Events. Read all about it!


You will need to pre-register for the event, please go to the registration page to find out everything you need to know to register online.