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4th July 2020

From Kampala To Kindrochit: Part 3

Fundraising – it’s not as hard as you think!

So, how many of you have begun to ask your friends to support your fundraising for the Quadrathlon? Some people tell me that they find this the hardest bit of signing up to an endurance race. But, compared to an 0.8mile swim, 15mile walk, 7mile kayak and a 34mile bike ride, I would say that raising £450 (as a minimum) is the least of our worries!

Let me make things easier for you.

As regular readers of this blog know, I live in Uganda. But, I don’t just live in Uganda, I work in some of the toughest areas of Uganda for Mercy Corps. This includes the startling beautiful, yet hot, dusty and conflict-affected Karamoja region in the north eastern corner of Uganda.

Poverty is desperate in Karamoja, the climate is harsh and persistent poor harvests as a result of dry spells and droughts and a lack of water exacerbate the problems. It is a place so poor that 63% of people live on less than a £1.50 a day and only 2% of infants receive a nutritious meal three times a day. Can you imagine what developmental impact that has on a child? Can you imagine how a mother and a father feel when they cannot feed their child properly?

The money you raise as part of your Quad will go directly to people in Karamoja. With your support, Mercy Corps will train families to set up vegetable gardens and grow nutritious food, teach mothers how to cook healthy meals with locally available food, and set up a community volunteering programme that will help identify undernourished children to be treated at the local clinic.

It will also help us to build better medical facilities for pregnant women and women giving birth. Unfortunately Karamoja is known for having some of highest maternal mortality rates in the world.

Okay, so now I’ve told you the where and the why, let me tell you how easy it is to start fundraising.

Everyone registered for the Quad already has a fundraising page set up on the Quad website. All you need to do is log-in and get going. I’ve just been working on our Team Mercy Corps page (yes, I could have come up with a more original name but I’ve been too busy training!), I’ve added photos, all the information about the race and a little bit about our team and where we are training. Be sure not to be shy about what you are doing, you are undertaking one of the toughest one day endurance races it the country – tell people about it. I have just emailed the link to our page to my entire address book and we’ve already raised £50! Already, this will provide 70 health referral packs to help mothers identify and refer undernourished children. When we raise £137, our funding will be able to support 110 families create sustainable vegetable gardens.

If you want to go even further than emailing your page to your friends, family and colleagues, take a look at the Fundraising Pack which is packed with top tips to make fundraising fun, and very rewarding.

Signing up for the Quad is only the start of your journey, the second step is fundraising for people who most need it, and the third and final part of your journey is getting to that finish line. Thank you for all you are doing to help people in Karamoja.

Next month: more on my training in the hills of Uganda!


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