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4th July 2020

From Kampala To Kindrochit: Part 4

Dusting off the kayak

The kayak section of the Quadrathlon is probably the section of the race I am most confident with. The kayak has played a big role in my family holidays for many years, whether in the sea off the north coast of Java island in Indonesia, or paddling in the Indian Ocean off the east coast of Africa, I’ve always enjoyed the sense of freedom that you get from moving across water under your own steam.

However, just because I’m comfortable in a kayak, doesn’t meet I won’t need to do any training. Far from it! So far, my kayak training has been on the rowing machine in the gym, and during our Easter holiday in Kenya. But, I do need to do more and I will be following Chemmy Alcott’s training tips this month to strengthen my core and body awareness to the letter! She didn’t become Britain’s number one women alpine skier without a lot of effort, training and dedication, and I’m going to need all the help I can get.

As we arrived back in Uganda from our Easter break, we returned to a Kampala that is much cooler than the one we left, the rains have begun, so now there is also plenty of mud on the dirt roads, but it is less dusty. The cooler weather is good for me as I train in the mornings.

The rains have not only brought welcome relief from the heat, but will also add volume to the water of Lake Victoria, which supports the livelihoods of more than 3.5 million people in three countries (Uganda, Tanzania, and Kenya) and it is used for transport and trade across east Africa. For many people in this part of the world, being on a boat all day is a way of life. While you are training in your kayaks and as we use them to traverse the width of Loch Tay in July, spare a thought for the many fishermen, and their families, who depend on boats every day for their livelihoods.

I also returned from our Easter holidays to see that our team fundraising page total is steadily increasing. We have already raised £150 for the communities of Karamoja! This will support 110 families to create sustainable vegetable gardens, ensuring that mothers and babies receive the nutritious food they need to stay healthy.

With just three months to go to the Quadrathlon, I hope your training, and fundraising, is going well!


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