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4th July 2020

From Kampala To Kindrochit: Part 6

YOUR QUAD PROJECT: Improving family health and nutrition in Uganda

In May this year we were delighted to welcome five Quadrathletes to northern Uganda. The group wanted to see exactly where this year’s fundraising was going to make a difference - and I was happy to take a break from training! We spent time in the Karamoja region which has the worst poverty ratings in Uganda with 63% of the population living on less than a £1.50 a day. Nutrition is so poor that only 2% of infants receive a nutritious meal 3 times a day. Maternal mortality rates are amongst the highest in the world.

The group spent time meeting our mother care groups who have been trained by Mercy Corps in good health practices for pregnant women and infants. The women return to their communities to teach others about the importance of attending clinics regularly and breastfeeding their infants for 6 months. Sitting under a shady tree, the mother care group in Kotido spent time with the Quadrathletes showing them the flip charts they use to teach other mothers and describing the challenges they face.

We also met families who were growing their own nutritious vegetable gardens at home. With the support of Mercy Corps parents have learned how to cultivate and nurture

vegetables that grow well in the dry climate that can give young families a healthier diet. Mayrun spent some time showing us how she had grown cabbage, red peppers and leafy greens in her garden to give her children healthier meals.

The group went on to meet local businesses and savings and loans cooperatives. Mercy Corps provides them with support and training to grow their businesses. In supporting all aspects of the community Mercy Corps ensures that livelihoods and markets can thrive. Without this, many villages would struggle to provide for their families and improve their lives and their futures. All this is made possible

with funds raised from the Quad! THANK YOU! I look forward to seeing you on the banks of Loch Tay.

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