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4th July 2020

‘It was worth every second’ - Participant Interview

‘It was worth every second’ - Participant Interview

Peter Higgins – Mary’s Meals Board Director, ‘It was worth every second’.

Peter Higgins is a Chairman of two retailers, Governor of St Paul’s Boys School in London, Director of Charles Tyrwitt Shirts and a Board Director of Mary’s Meals. Like that wasn’t enough to keep him busy, Peter took on the Quad in 2013 and raised more than £20,000 for its beneficiary charities, Mary’s Meals and Mercy Corps.

Peter took time out of his hectic schedule to answer some questions about his Quadrathlon journey, from fitness to fundraising….

What possessed you to take part in one of the toughest sporting events in Scotland?

‘I am incapable of keeping fit, unless I have a goal. I loathe the gym, I hate running and cannot see the point of cycling, unless I have a time to beat. So, together with eight friends, I committed to competing in the 2013 Quadrathlon, to raise money for great charities and to get fit!’

What are your top fundraising tips?

‘Fundraising relies heavily on the generosity of friends; however, they all know that you are going to suffer untold amounts of pain, so are unsurprisingly happy to contribute. I set up an online fundraising page and then came up with quirky ideas such as shaving Mary’s Meals’ initials into my chest hair!’

‘I approached my friends, family and colleagues first and then targeted businesses. It’s important to keep it personal when approaching businesses – tailor your email to the reader. Also, check if your employer will match your fundraising, since you could literally double the money you can raise for these great causes – many companies will have a scheme where they match every £1 you raise!’

‘Approaching local press is also a great way to raise awareness in your community, I found the press release included in the Fundraising Guide really useful’.

How did you feel after completing the Quad?

‘At the finish line, the adrenalin and relief at finishing were such that we had a wild night of celebration, but on the plane home the next morning, my legs would not move and I had to come down the aeroplane steps using my arms only! It took me three weeks to fully recover, but it was worth every second. I plan to do it again in a couple of years with two of my children, who will sadly beat me hands down… in fact, I might need to ask them to carry my rucksack!’

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