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4th July 2020

The Voice Of (Un)reason

The Voice Of (Un)reason

The Voice of (Un)Reason

I’m not what you’d call a typical Quadrathlete. If you had to pick a poster girl for this event, I definitely wouldn’t be it: I don’t run unless it’s for a bus. I’m not a gym bunny and my idea of exercise is a brisk walk to the fridge.

So why sign up to one of Scotland’s toughest endurance events? Well, probably for the same reason you’re thinking about it. I wondered if I could. If my colleagues were doing it and other people could do it, then why couldn’t I?

I voiced my interest to friends and family and received a pretty sceptical response. “Hiking seven Munros? In one day?!” they cried, as if I didn’t quite comprehend what the number seven meant. Throw in a swim and kayak across Loch Tay, and a cycle all the way around it, and it seemed even crazier.

But the more they questioned my ability to complete this challenge, the more resolute I became. It was crazy and I was unfit but, I was going to do this. If only to prove them wrong. If only to prove myself wrong.

This was in 2012 and by January 2013 it had become a reality. I signed up, roped in a partner, and started the madness of training and sorting out appropriate kit. What an experience my first day of training was. There was plenty of sweat—and a few tears—but it was absolutely worth it.

Spurred on by the friends and family who thought I was mad, I succeeded in completing the 2013 Artemis Great Kindrochit Quadrathlon. I might have been nine hours behind those gym-loving winners, but I did it. I succeeded in the challenge—I not only conquered the Quadrathlon, but demolished my own self-doubt!

I cannot recommend this event enough. If you’re curious about it—if you are truly considering whether you can complete this—then you’re already there. You just need to sign up. And if I can’t convince you, then I’ll leave you with a parting tale that might.

At the end of that year, as the new year bells signalled the start of 2014, my sceptical friend who’d watched me struggle around Loch Tay turned to me and said “I’ve made a New Year’s resolution, Michelle. This year I think we should do the Quadrathlon…”

Good luck budding Quadrathletes!

Michelle Blenkinsop

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