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4th July 2020


  • Navigation

The entire event route is covered in full in OS Map 51, and you must supply your own map. The weather conditions in the Highlands can be variable, even in the middle of July. Your ability to navigate in poor visibility will ensure your safety during the Event. We provide grid references for Munro summits. It is then up to you to find the best route - navigation is part of the challenge!

Ask yourself whether you can answer these questions:

Why not try the WildFox Navigation Quiz! The Quiz will provide you with a self-assessment of your navigation knowledge. It also provides advice on the importance of practising your skills prior to the Event.

WildFox Navigation Quiz

WildFox Navigation Quiz Answers

Need a bit of help with your navigation skills? Have a look at this video, which shows you how to use a compass. And here is a link to a series of videos showing how to map read.


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